New Mythology Quiz

Follow Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, into the mythic woods and help her save her animals by answering related questions about her! The more you score, the higher your position will be on the  game's  leaderboard . Click here to play the game !

Pronunciation of the Greek Gods and Heroes

Did you ever wonder how to pronounce a Greek mythology name? Visit the Greek Mythology Sound Library ( ) where you can listen to the English and Greek pronunciation of the Greek Gods and Heroes! 100+ pronunciations to choose from and there will be more to come soon!

New Mythology Game

New Game: Who wants to be a Mythionaire? A knowledge game based on the popular TV Show "Who wants to be a Millionaire?".   Answer 14 questions correctly...and you will be the next Mythionaire!

Heracles Hangman

New mythology game! Save the lion of Nemea by finding the hidden words about the hero Heracles! . (Please read some basic things about Heracles before you play the game, because it's a difficult one!) Also, 2 two german games for the german-speaking visitors: HAVE FUN!

"Myth and Coinage" Exhibition at the Numismatic Museum of Athens

Lately I had the opportunity to visit the Numismatic Museum of Athens, in the very center of the city, in order to visit the latest exhibition "Myth and Coinage". It is a joint exhibition in collaboration of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the Numismatic Museum of Athens and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection , offering a dialogue between Greek Mythology and ancient coinage. I was impressed by the museum ...not only by the number of coins that were on display but also by the friendly and helpful staff in the Museum that assisted me on every question . The photographs I have taken can be viewed in the gallery section of each Olympian god (i.e. goddess Athena ). Also, visit the website of the Museum (, where you can find pictures of the majority of the coins and see its highlights in Virtual reality !

Fixed error in Hidden-Words-Game

In case you played the Hidden Mythology Game and add then tried to add your score to the leader board, you might have noticed that your score was not added to the database. The error is now fixed, feel free to play again . My apologies and Good Luck!

The New Acropolis Museum- Athens' Pride and Joy

Today I finally found the time to treat myself with a walk in the finest part of Athens, the Plaka. My destination was my long awaited dream, the Acropolis Museum, the new highlight of Athens, majestically located at the foot of the Acropolis. Well, I was prepared to see something extraordinary, but what I saw surpass ed all expectations . I can say, the Museum is simply breathtaking. The building is huge ( 226,000 square feet - 10 times larger than the old museum) , ultra-modern, full of light and incredibly clean! It displays the Parthenon sculptures, reliefs and artifacts as well as other finds from the Acropolis hill, r eflecting the religious beliefs, the standards and the daily life of the Ancient Greeks . Another great highlight is that, right under your feet, you can see excavations through the glass floor-panels. It's a strange feeling which I really enjoyed. Should you ever happen to visit Athens, I think it's the first place you should consider for a vis